• Genre: drama
  • Director: Philippe Godeau
  • Cast: Omar Sy
  • Studio: Wild Bunch
  • Release Date (EST):23.07.2021
  • Release Date (TVOD):23.08.2021
  • Release Date (SVOD):23.09.2021
  • Country: France, Senegal
  • Running time: 103
  • imdb

13-year-old Yao, originally from a small village in Senegal, takes a long and very difficult journey. His goal is to meet his idol actor Seydou Tall, who has just arrived in Dakar. The path is long, but the boy, nevertheless, overcomes 387 kilometers and gets to know the great Seydu. Struck by the strength of the young man’s spirit, the man decides to take the little hero home and finds himself in his native land. An incredibly touching and inspiring movie that will make you never forget your roots.

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